“My First Attempt At A Christmas Song” – Watch Tyler Childers’ Performance Of “Luke 2:8-10” At The Grand Ole Opry

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Tyler Childers

When it comes to my favorite songs off of Tyler Childers’ latest album, Rustin’ In The Rain, “Luke 2:8-10” is at the top of the list for me.

The whole song is based off the Bible verse of when an angel approached the shepherds, telling them that Jesus Christ was being born. Of course, the song has Childers’ own comedic spin to it, as it’s all based on what his reaction would be if he was in the shepherd’s situation.

A couple of months back, Childers performed an impressive live rendition of the song at the Grand Ole Opry, alongside Margo Price, S.G. Goodman, and Erin Rae singing backup vocals. And now, he’s giving us all an opportunity to relive the moment, as he posted the full video of the Grand Ole Opry performance of “Luke 2:8-10” on YouTube.

In the video, Childers hilariously kicks things off by saying:

“It is what I would consider my first attempt at a Christmas song.”

He then explained how the song was based off of the angel’s encounter with the shepherds, and how it was only described in two verses:

“And that’s usually how fast it goes in the Christmas. A kid will pop up and say ‘don’t be afraid!’ And then they’ll go on down the aisle.

But I was thinking about that, and how I would feel if I was a shepherd in the middle of a field, and had never seen anything quite like that. Probably would’ve been a little bit longer than two verses.” 

Ya gotta love the ol’ dry humor of Childers. He has the delivery and timing of a standup comedian.

Check it out:

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