“Let’s Beat The Sh*t Out Of Each Other” – ‘Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser & Taylor Sheridan Were Fist Fighting Way Before They Were Fighting Over Coffee

Yellowstone Cole Hauser and Taylor Sheridan
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Who’s ready for Yellowstone to bottle up all of the drama outside of the production and put it back into the western-themed show? Show of hands?

Taylor Sheridan already had his hands full with the eternal spewing of drama and difficulty coming from Kevin Costner, who now apparently will not return at all to the show in which he played the main character.

And now, Sheridan is locked into another butting of heads with Yellowstone star Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler, the son-in-law to Costner’s John Dutton. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure TV shows are easier to make when the people performing in it and the person running the show don’t hate each others’ guts?

Sheridan and Hauser are now in a legal battle over a trademark infringement. Sheridan and his Bosque Ranch Headquarters (LLC) initiated the trademark lawsuit after Hauser announced his Free Rein Coffee Company, and launched it with a logo that looks similar to a coffee company that Sheridan had also launched recently, called Bosque Ranch Craft Coffee.

Bosque Ranch claimed in the suit that Hauser’s Free Rein Coffee Company had “a brand mark strikingly similar to Bosque Ranch’s registered trademark, potentially misleading consumers,” and also cited false advertising and unfair competition.

Just for reference, here’s the announcement that Hauser made about his coffee brand:

And then here’s Sheridan and his Bosque Ranch Headquarters’ post about their collaboration with community coffee:

But you know what? All of the legal fighting and mumbo-jumbo isn’t as exciting as real, physical, bare-knuckle fighting. Yellowstone hasn’t become one of the most popular shows on television by showing their characters fill out a bunch of paper work and have meetings with lawyers…

Sheridan and Hauser have plenty to work out over the coffee thing, and based on how they used to settle things, part of me wishes they would go back to how real men square things away: Bar fighting.

All of this drama has allowed for a Men’s Journal interview with Cole Hauser to resurface, where the man who plays Rip Wheeler admitted that he and Sheridan had gotten into a knock-down, drag-out the second time they ever met.

Hauser didn’t get into much detail about the scuffle with the Yellowstone show runner, but when he was asked if he had ever been in a bar fight, he certainly had something to say:

“Does a bear sh*t in the woods? I’ve probably been in one on every continent. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with fighting. Sometimes I’m just tired of words, so let’s beat the shit out of each other.

Maybe at the end of it you’ll buy me a Guinness and I’ll buy you a Bushmills, and we’ll be done. It’s kind of what guys do.”

Man, I would pay good money to see the video of Sheridan and Hauser beating the ever-living daylights out of one another. Or do you remember when Kayce and Rip fought each other over the right to be the head of the ranch? How about Taylor and Cole duke it out in front of the cameras and then take that real-life footage and put it into the show? Wan to talk about next-level directing? Want to talk about “live-action?” Take the acting out of acting and less these boys do it for real.

Unfortunately, we’ll just have to take Hauser’s word for it that it happened, and for now, just take in some of the best moments from Rip Wheeler.

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