Chris Janson Accidentally Throws His Harmonica At A Fan During A Show: “Oh Sh*t Are You OK?”

Chris Janson

That’s the risk you take when you get the good seats.

Chris Janson is a wild man on stage, jumping around and putting on one of the most energetic shows you’ll see. And not to mention he’s a hell of a harmonica player, which is really a lost art in country music these days.

But it was an audience member who ended up taking the hit recently when Chris got a little too animated during a concert.

While opening up for Cody Johnson at the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, Chris apparently didn’t have quite a strong enough grip on his harmonica as he was flailing around onstage – and accidentally launched it into the crowd.

You can see the panic on his face as soon as it flies out of his hand, and Chris was quick to make sure that the poor woman hit by the flying harmonica wasn’t hurt:

“Oh sh*t, are you okay?”

Of course she was fine, and it ended up being a funny moment for everybody.

And hopefully she at least got to keep that harmonica.

@kerysross It was an accident. Shes okay 🤣@Chris Janson #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #okc #chrisjanson #cojonation #codyjohnson @Cody Johnson ♬ original sound – kerys ross

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