Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith Urges California Residents To Storm City Hall Amid Los Angeles’ Proposed Rodeo Ban: “Let’s Put A Stop To This B.S.”

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Yellowstone character Lloyd, who Forrie J. Smith plays, is more than a cowboy on the screen.

The man not only walks to the walk but talks the talk and has been ranching his whole life before taking up acting. Naturally, he plays the part of a cowboy beyond well due to this upbringing, but he is also passionate about issues in the agricultural and western industries.

The 63-year-old rodeo circuit participant grew up in Helena, Montana, but recently took to social media to encourage rodeo sports fans to pay attention to an act trying to be passed in Los Angeles County.

The California Rodeo Salinas, which operates the largest rodeo within the state, reported on the ordinance that L.A. was pushing, noting:

“The Los Angeles City Council is pushing an ordinance forward to ban rodeos in Los Angeles. The language is broad and will reach into other areas that impact the western way of life and other events that include livestock.

The ban was initiated by animal rights extremists and even though you may not live in, nor is there a rodeo in L.A., you should care and show your concern by taking action because if this ban passes, it will become precedence that will be taken to Sacramento, across the state of California, to Oregon, Washington, rural areas like Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and eventually lead to a federal ban on rodeos and other equestrian events.”

While local rodeo participants and farmers have taken the stand to protest against this bill, issues in agriculture and the western industry are often not at the forefront of folks’ minds unless they have a tie to the issue.

So, Forrie J. Smith took to his massive platform to share a video encouraging everyone who enjoys the sport to take action.

“Right now, what I need to do is alert everyone in L.A. County, in Los Angeles, to storm city hall tomorrow. If you own any kind of livestock, if you own horses, you own cows, anything…

They are trying to ban rodeo. It’s a part of California’s heritage, they were having rodeos in California before it was a state. So, if y’all want to keep up with your equestrian events in L.A. County, you all need to storm city hall tomorrow. 

Get down there. Let’s put a stop to this B.S. This is where it all came from; this is cowboy country. America. America… needs cowboys.”

@theforriejsmithNow is the time, it’s D-DAY! Make your voice heard to fight against the lies and misinformation. We need you tomorrow at 9am on the steps of the Los Angeles City Hall!   Los Angeles City Hall 200 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012   Take action and help to save Western Sports in L.A.!

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The proposal has been floated around city hall over the last three years, but is meeting to discuss the proposal further as Councilmember Bob Blumenfeld says it’s time to take action as these animals are tortured and abused with various “instruments.” However, Monica Rodriguez disagrees with this and is looking to carve out certain events versus the industry as a whole.

As an active participant in the equine sports industry, I believe this debate has been going on for years. I think the bottom line is that sh*tty people are going to do sh*tty things no matter what; HOWEVER, that is the smallest percentage of those who participate in the sport.

I can attest that the animals that participate in the rodeo industry are often better-taken care of than some backyard ponies or cows. They are athletes and are treated as such.

Good on Forrie J. Smith for utilizing his platform to advocate for the sport. Yellowstone fans, listen up. This could impact the creation of some of your favorite spin-offs, too.

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