Ryan Blaney Says He Still Drinks During The NASCAR Season: “If I Had To Go 8 Months Without Drinking, I Don’t Know What I’d Do”

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Ryan Blaney had a helluva time last week celebrating the end of the NASCAR season as the reigning 2023 Cup Series champion.

He was in Nashville doing tons of press talking about his massively successful season, and was even surprised by his favorite band Whiskey Myers at the recent awards banquet, when they introduced him ahead of his speech:

And today, his episode of Bussin’ With The Boys dropped, where he gave a ton of insight into what it’s like being a race car driver and everything that happened for him this season.

Co-hosts Taylor Lewan and Will Compton asked Ryan about how he enjoys playing golf, which of course led to a conversation about how much he drinks out on the course.

Taylor noted how much drinking is a part of golfing itself for people who do it as a hobby, and he asked Ryan if he drank much during the NASCAR season.

Lewan is a former NFL offensive tackle, so he probably thinks about it from a bit of a different perspective than the drivers. It’s not that you don’t have to be athletic or physically fit to race in NASCAR, because you do, but it is a bit different sitting behind the wheel of a car as opposed to running up and down a football field for three hours, and I digress…

Anyways, yes, Blaney still drinks during the racing season, though he joked he didn’t do right behind the wheel of the car, saying that he doesn’t think he could go the duration of the racing season without having a beer or something like that:

“Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. If I had to go eight months during the season without drinking, I don’t know what I’d do.”


Blaney continued, saying that last week (when they filmed the interview) his team was out partying on Broadway and he was a little bit worried for how they were going to show up for the big parade later that day:

“My 12 guys are absolutely… just will burn it down. They just got out here today and I think they’re still out on Broadway right now just letting it rip.

They’re gonna be on the parade float and I don’t even know what state they’re gonna be in.”

Lewan compared it to the same type of spirit NFL offensive line guys have, and Blaney explained that a lot of his pit crew are actually former professional athletes (which is not uncommon on most race teams, actually):

“My gas man, he played for the Panthers for a little bit, he was a a tight end, Chris Conklin.

So we have a few ex-NFL guys, we have some baseball guys, pit crew over the wall guys, they’re all ex-athletes, pretty much.”

You can watch that portion, as well as the entire interview, below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock