Waffle House Employees Pull Out Their Phones To Record Massive Chair-Swinging Brawl In Oxford, Mississippi

Waffle House fight

Has there anybody who’s seen more wild sh*t than an overnight employee at a Waffle House?

Let’s be honest, the wild sh*t you see at a Waffle House is part of the experience – and the charm – of going to the Waffle House in the first place.

Sure, it’s great drunk food when you’ve been throwing back Busch Lights for 12 hours and need some of those delicious greasy hash browns to soak up the alcohol at the end of the night. But when you know there’s a better-than-average chance of seeing an all-out brawl while you wind down your night?

That’s why people go to Waffle House, right?

Well this Waffle House in Oxford, Mississippi didn’t disappoint folks who were looking to see a WWE-style smackdown at 5 AM, as a brawl broke out that not only had punches being thrown and chairs flying, but also had customers climbing on the counter to get a better video of the wild scene.

The best part though? Even the employees pulled out their phones to record the action.

Waffle House employees are the best, man. When they’re not deflecting chairs thrown at their heads, they’re just like the rest of us, gathering around to watch the time-honored tradition of throwing down at a Waffle House before the sun comes up.

That poor security guard though…that guy was as useless as tits on a bull.

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