Titans QB Will Levis Immediately Made Up For An Interception By Ripping The Ball Right Back From The Colts

Will Levis Titans

Will Levis is the ultimate Football Guy. Didn’t love him coming out of the draft, not gonna lie. I compared him to Justin Herbert in terms of physical skill set and book smarts, but he also gave off weird Josh Rosen-esque energy with his personality. Just kind of a strange bird, no?

Case in point: Getting all worked up at DeAndre Hopkins on the sideline. Like bro, chill out. I get running a little hot when things are suboptimal, yet Nuk is the last guy you want to make enemies with.

What you can’t question is how competitive Levis is. The dude seems to be competing with himself to be the most jacked, shredded quarterback in the NFL, but that edge manifested itself in a brilliant way on Sunday.

Levis threw an interception, which is never good — unless you can rage run after the defender, punch the damn ball out, and recover it yourself.

Couldn’t be more impressed with Levis here. I don’t care that he’s only completed six of 13 passes as of this writing. So what if he hasn’t lived up to the impossible hype generated by that four-TD debut of his? It’s not like Tennessee has much receiving talent on the field outside of Hopkins, and Mike Vrabel is squeezing everything he possibly can out of that defense.

Tough situation for a rookie to be thrust into. Levis is handling the circumstances better than I suspected he would. Beating an AFC South rival in the Colts, who are gunning for a playoff spot, is no small feat. If the Titans do indeed prevail, they could really look at Levis’ hustle play here as one of the key turning points in this one.

By the way, holy sh*t — speaking of competitive juice: Look at Levis helicopter his entire body John Elway-style to just barely get past the sticks for a first-down scramble:

Levis seems like a high-variance gunslinger type of quarterback whose career will be fascinating to monitor in the next couple of years. He could either explode into a superstar, or burn too bright and flame out of the Titans’ starting role. Seems like there won’t be any in-between outcome.

In the short term, Levis’ ability to get that ball back is commendable. However, he certainly can’t make a habit of mixing it up that much with defenders.

Or going airborne for first downs a little less gracefully than one-of-one transcendent talent/Terminator-caliber indestructible Bills QB Josh Allen.

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