Fisherman Smacks Swimming Mountain Lion With A Paddle To Keep Him Out Of The Boat

Mountain Lion swims up to fisherman

Sometimes what goes on out there just doesn’t make sense. But that’s part of why we all go out there… to see something crazy happen, something unexplainable.

Mountain lions, also known as cougars, are a vicious animal. An elusive predator that roams our lands, they’re known for their incredible stalking abilities, often with their prey, including the occasional human, not knowing they’re after them until the job is nearly done. That’s why seeing a cougar swimming in the middle of a waterbody it doesn’t add up.

I mean, who expects to see one of these danger kitties while they’re fishing in a boat? No one…

But believe it or not, mountain lions are actually really good swimmers though. They have been known to swim between islands in search of more food, usually in the form of whatever deer is around. So, even though they have been known to swim between coastal islands, it’s still a pretty rare occurrence, and especially rare to witness in person.

This fisherman in California came across a cougar swimming while they were out for a day on the water. As they got close to the cat, it came right towards their boat, as if he wanted to try and hop in. The cat began hissing at him as he started to beat the thing with his paddle.

Honestly, I probably would have beat the thing harder than that. It’s the one time you would have an advantage on a cougar and I would sure as hell not be letting it gain any ground on me. The paddle scared off the cougar enough to send it swimming back to shore.

That’s a fishing story no one would believe without the video.

A few years back, some mountain lions were spotted swimming around Northern California’s Lake Shasta.

Cougar Tries To Break Into Cabin, Stares Down Man Inside

Talk about nightmare fuel.

I mean, it’s one thing to have a predator size you up in the woods, that’s their territory. But, it almost seems a little disrespectful to have one trying to come right into your house.

An apex predator being so aggressive that it comes to your house and is sizing you up through the window. I would have been doing everything I could to make that animal feel like it is not welcomed back, that’s for sure.

Mountain lions are the scariest cat to roam North America. With ongoing urban sprawl and people building camps and cottages everywhere, there’s bound to be an increase in sightings. Usually, these things don’t bother people to much, but when they do it is frightening to say the least.

The cougar is seen walking up to a door of a cabin in Hot Springs Cove, British Columbia, where this couple was staying in.

They say you can see by the look in their eyes what their intentions are and that was definitely the case here. This cat has the eyes of a killer…

As the cougar looks at the people and sizes up the door, you can’t help but think it could tear through it with one swipe.

The cat starts to walk around the place looking for an easy way in. Eventually it just stops and stares at the man who doesn’t break eye contact.

This is a wild encounter, but be sure to make lots of noise if you’re ever in a similar situation. These things don’t like any kind of threats.

Here’s a word from the man behind the camera:

“My wife and I were on our anniversary vacation in Hot Springs Cove, located 1 hour and a half off of the North West coast from Tofino, British Columbia, Canada.

After waking up in the morning, we made our way from the smaller guest cabin to the larger main cabin. We sat for coffee/tea, and after a few minutes, we were visited by a cougar at the front porch. It lingered at the edge of the deck for a minute, looking intensely before pouncing onto the deck towards us.

It stopped at the glass doors where it sniffed and looked for a way in. Not having any weapons in the cabin, we were trapped and unsure of how to defend ourselves if the cougar found a way inside.

After it walked around to the side of the house, I proceeded to stare at it intently. Like a stare-off, not aggressively, just deeply. We held that for a minute or so until I broke the gaze.

After which, it walked off behind the cabin, and we waited around for an hour before leaving and getting picked up in a boat and taken safely back to The InnChanter.”

That is the face of a cold-blooded killer.

Mountain Lion Attacks Big Idaho Buck

Holy moly, these things are some wild predators.

Being a hunter there’s something that makes it easy to love and hate predators all at the same time.

The fact that thing kill whatever, whenever, and that they are so good at it is a reason to hate them. Well, it’s also a reason to love them… their skill is to be admired.

Mountain lions are straight assassins though. They go for the kill every time and it’s pretty rare they come out unsuccessful. You know when someone mentions going for the jugular? That’s what mountain lions do… and they don’t miss.

They are a large fan of deer, and it is often said that if there’s deer, there’s lions there too. They just go hand in hand in most places around most of North America.

This video is just another showcase of how wild they really are. Michele Hayden came across a nice buck that was flailing all over the road near her home in Arbon, Idaho, when she figured something strange was going on:

“All of a sudden we saw this big buck and we couldn’t figure out what on earth it was doing. Finally, we just stopped to see because it kept darting out into the road and then going off on to the bank.

So we just kind of slowed down and it didn’t take us long after we had stopped to realize what it had dangling from its neck”

They shine their headlights on the fight as the mountain lion has the better end of the deal. It seems to notice the lights and starts looking at them only to let the deer go.

The buck high tails it out of there and one can only hope a deer like that was alright after having that thing latched tight to its neck.

This is as wild as it gets, what an encounter.

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