Palmer Anthony Drops Coming Of Age New Single, “Late”

Palmer Anthony Country Music
Palmer Anthony

Palmer Anthony is back with another single, and you’re going to want to hear this one.

Titled “Late,” Anthony’s latest track sheds wisdom and perspective on life as it follows a couple from their foolish teenage years up until they are married and raising a child together, and conveys the message that everything works out as it should in the long run.

Conjuring a bit of nostalgia from one’s teenage years through descriptive lyricism, and sounding easy on the ears with impressive instrumentation and a catchy hook, Anthony continues to prove with each single that he could be one of the next big names in the genre.

Check out “Late” for yourself here:

A Texas native, Anthony came onto the scene in 2022 with the release of his impressive debut record Western & Roll. With music that flows seamlessly between good time drinking songs, relatable and sentimental ballads of days gone by, and of course the classic tear-in-my-beer done me wrong breakup songs, Anthony is an up and comer that has something for everyone.

Beginning to see his hard work come to fruition of late, Anthony’s streaming numbers have been impressive, and he recently made some big moves signing a publishing deal with the Neal Agency and Warner Chappell Nashville.

Palmer Anthony is a name that every country music fan needs to keep in mind moving forward, because with each song he releases, he seems one step closer to hitting the big time in country music. With a slew of singles having been released thus far in 2023, and quite a bit of momentum behind him, one can only assume that Anthony’s sophomore project may not be too far away, and that could be just what it takes.

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