NASCAR Driver Christopher Bell Reveals That A Man Once Asked Him To Sign Both Of His A*s Cheeks…And He Actually Did It

Christopher Bell NASCAR
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I guess my biggest question is just…why?

Obviously celebrities have to sign some pretty weird stuff. Babies, body parts, animals, pretty much anything you can think of I’m sure somebody’s signed it at one point.

Well apparently NASCAR Cup Series driver Christopher Bell has gotten an eyeful (at least twice) while being asked to sign an autograph for a fan with an…unusual request.

While in Nashville for NASCAR’s Champions Week festivities, the driver of the #20 car for Joe Gibbs Racing, who finished fourth in this year’s championship standings after a wreck early in the final race of the season at Phoenix, discussed the most bizarre thing he’s been asked to sign:

“A guy came up and asked me to sign his butt cheek.”

I feel like that’s one request you have to turn down, right? You’re a grown man, signing your name on another grown man’s ass. There’s no reason for either of you to actually do that.

Well C. Bell did it.

But the fan wasn’t done.

“Then the next night he came back and had me sign the other side. So he had matching autographs on both butt cheeks.”

I have so many questions. Why did this guy want Christopher Bell’s autograph on both of his cheeks? It’s not like you can show those off – at least not without catching a felony.

Was he going to get them tattooed on? And if so…umm, why?

But even more important, why the hell would Bell do that? Now he has to live with not only the image of that guy’s ass, but the knowledge that your name was on his butt cheeks not once, but twice.

I guess Bell should just be thankful the guy didn’t come back a third time.

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