Frozen Deer Rescued By Two Good Samaritans

Roe deer frozen over

Usually when you hear the words “frozen deer” together, a hunter is telling you about a buck he took down and got processed.

This frozen deer isn’t sitting in a garage freezer though. It’s actually still very much alive, and probably only because of some help that it received from two good Samaritans who found it near a road in Kazakhstan. When the two guys walked up on this deer, they must have though it was frozen solid, and was already a goner. It certainly looked like it…

There’s no telling how this animal got itself into such a tough situation. As you’ll see in the clip below, the smaller roe deer had snow and ice frozen to its body, with a huge chunk hanging off the side of its face. The clump of snow was clearly weighing down the deer, and most likely hurting its chance of survival, so the two people stepped in to help.

Somehow, they got the deer down to the ground and began chiseling off the snow and ice that was stuck to it. The frozen portion was even covering up the deer’s eyes, and you know that it was thankful to regain its eyesight after the snow was removed.

Ripping off ice like that had to have felt like slowly ripping off a Band-Aid. Clearly, the deer was in a little bit of pain as the frozen snow was removed, though it continued to stick around and not fight too much, so there’s a good chance it was willing to tough it out and graciously accept the help.

After the two people got a majority of the snow and ice removed from the deer’s face, they decided to let it run off, hopefully a lot better off than it was before they first came across it.

Take a look:

Shoutout to those guys for stepping in and likely saving that deer’s life. I know you are sometimes supposed to let nature take its course, but I’m glad to see that they decided to step in and intervene this time.

Social media felt the same way, sending out replies to the post saying:

Hey, let’s just be happy that it can see again X (formerly Twitter) user. I’m sure the deer will figure out its frozen-ass-situation…

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