A Real Life Grinch (Dressed As The Grinch) Stood Outside A Texas Elementary School Holding A Sign: “SANTA IS FAKE JESUS IS REAL”

David Harold Grisham

The Lord works hard, but the Grinch works harder.

I’ll never forget being seven-years-old when my mom hit me with the shocking realization that Santa isn’t real. Yeah, I may or may not have balled my eyes out for 24 consecutive hours, and my mom felt horrible.

So, I can empathize with the horrors the parents and students at this elementary school faced after encountering this sicko. A street preacher by the name of David Harold Grisham stood outside Sleepy Hollow Elementary School in Amarillo, Texas earlier this week, dressed as the Grinch and holding a sign that read:


And how do we know this was him? Because he proudly bragged about it on Facebook. He gave the whole spiel:

“Stood outside Sleepy Hollow Elementary School in Amarillo , Tx dressed as the Grinch and telling the kids there was no Santa and that Christmas is about Jesus.

The police showed up in force , I got assaulted by a parent and they tore my sign, and the police did their very best to distract me from my mission and blocked me from exercising my first amendment rights as much as they could. They as much as admitted so. Very unprofessional .

We were followed by an unmarked car for several miles after we left and one parent even followed us across town and photographed our license plate at a restaurant we stopped at.

Hundreds of children heard the message and many parents as well. It’s very telling for a society to go this far in protecting a LIE. To go that far in trying to protect kids from hearing the truth. It’s no wonder our country is in trouble. ( video coming soon)”

Now listen, I’ve never been much for politics, but I believe everybody has the right to express what they believe in, regardless if you agree or not. But this right here?

Ol’ David Harold (who sounds like my drunk third cousin who only shows up to Thanksgiving and Christmas for free food and dips) crossed the line. I can’t imagine the conversations these parents had to have with their kids after this bozo made this move. Let kids be kids, man.


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