Larry Fleet Drops Incredible Acoustic Performance Of “Young Buck” From The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar

Larry Fleet
Larry Fleet

If for some reason you haven’t hopped on the Larry Fleet train yet, it’s about time you get going.

We’re talking about a generational voice in mainstream country music. Fleet’s voice is borderline spiritual, and will have you wishing you imagining you were sitting in the front pew of a old church on a Sunday morning out in the country.

The man took the world by storm in 2020 when he released his first smash hit, “Where I Find God,” right as the COVID-19 pandemic began, giving us all a peace of mind.

And in 2021, Fleet turned things up another notch with his incredible Stack of Records album, which was a personal favorite of ours here at Whiskey Riff.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Fleet dropped arguably his best album to date this year, titled Earned It.

Needless to say, it’s been impressive watching Fleet’s quick rise to mainstream country fame.

But speaking of Earned It, there’s one song in particular on the album that quickly became a favorite of mine, and it’s titled “Young Buck.”

The song is a conversation between a father and his son about growing up, and learning as you grow up in life. There’s something each of us can take away from the song, whether we’re a father, son, grandfather, or soon to be father.

With that being said, Fleet dropped an incredible live acoustic video of the song, straight from the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson, Wyoming.

You can’t go wrong with some live Larry Fleet. Ever.

Check it out:

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