Jelly Roll’s Thanksgiving “Family Tradition” Includes Karaoke Country Heaters From Hank Williams Jr.

Jelly Roll
Bunnie Xo/TikTok

Come on now, Jelly Roll with the Bocephus covers. We might need him to take this one into the studio.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie Xo shared a look at their family’s traditions – including post-meal karaoke.

Earlier in the day, Bunnie Xo shared a video of festivities kicking off at their house using Hank Williams Jr.‘s track “Family Tradition” in the background of the video. From that video, a TikTok user commented that hearing Jelly Roll cover the song would be legendary.

Clearly, there was some thought when selecting that song for the first video because Bunnie responded to the user noting:

“It’s our family anthem.”

After Thanksgiving dinner the Roll family partakes in what looks like a killer karaoke party, and along with the caption, Bunnie posted a video of Jelly Roll and his daughter Bailee singing the iconic Bochephus ditty.

Complete with party lights and the lyrics on the screen, the crowd participates in the call-and-response part of the chorus. Jelly Roll even changes the lyrics right before the chorus kicks off to:

“They ask me, Jelly Roll
Why do you drink…”

Besides the fact I want to be invited to their holiday dinners next year, Jelly Roll so casually kills this cover. He hits the low notes effortlessly and lets out the twangs of the track perfectly. After hearing this, I want to listen to the entire catalog of classic country songs Jelly Roll likes to sing karaoke to.

He’s got a little bit of Hanks Williams Jr. outlaw spirit in him, and it is coming through loud and clear on this cover.

@ohheyitsbunnie Replying to @LANDON its our family anthem 😄 #jellyandbailee ♬ original sound – Bunnie 🫧

The comments on the video filled up with how epic their family’s Thanksgiving seems.

“Imagine your boyfriend brings u to his family’s side for the 1st time on Thanksgiving & Jelly Roll is just casually doing karaoke.”

“The young ones in the front row gives me peace that Jelly Roll is raising our next-gen up!”

“Are they adopting family members? I think I found my people!”

“I want to be a part of y’all’s “Family Tradition” lol!”

“Love y’all’s real life just like normal people. Enjoying the family life.”

Also, look at Jelly Roll’s sweet reaction to the kiddos singing his song during karaoke time.

@nativeinnashville Jelly loves the kids 🫶🏽 #thanksgiving #jellyandbunnie #jellyroll #fyp #saveme #karaoke #familyTradition ♬ original sound – Native in Nashville

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