Nebraska Hunter Pops The Question Right After Girlfriend Bags MASSIVE Buck

Nebraska hunters proposal
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Now this is a trip this couple won’t forget for two reasons.

Earlier this month, Samantha Camenzind and her boyfriend Cole Bures were hunting south of Lincoln, Nebraska, according to CBS News. Bures being a good boyfriend, he let Camenzind take a shot at a MASSIVE buck, one that they had spotted on a trail camera earlier. But, while the two were taking photos with the buck, Bures got on one knee and popped the question.

Camenzind, who is 28 and lives in Omaha, told the outlet:

“Everybody has been saying they would marry him, too, if he let them shoot this big of a deer.”

The couple had been together for three years, and one of the main things they bonded over was their love of hunting, where they process and eat the meat of the animals they harvest. Bures, who is 32 and from Filley, told the outlet:

“I was just as excited as she was when she got it.”

After  Camenzind took down the buck, he told her that he wanted a professional photographer to take some pictures of the big moment, with her not knowing that he was about to get on one knee. Bures said he got the idea after a friend of his did a similar proposal during a hunting trip in Alaska.

She added:

“I don’t know if they were more shocked we got engaged or the size of the deer.”

Talk about a win-win situation for both Camenzind and Bures.

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