The Internet Is In Tears Over Heartwarming Video Of Disabled Hunter Getting His First Deer

Disabled hunter gets first deer

A moment this young man will never forget.

The internet has been in an absolute puddle after watching a tender video of a disabled man shooting his first deer. Meet Will Freeman, an outdoors enthusiast with special needs that most hunters do not face. However, instead of just wishing he could hit the deer stand, Soggy Bottom Lodge in Marengo County, Alabama (a five-star hunting resort) invited Will and his family out to make his dreams come true… taking him out to the field and making sure that Will got a buck.

While most people think that he might have just been in the stand while the deer was shot, think again. With the aid of a special gadget, Will was instructed when it was time to shoot his deer from inside a truck, and he pulled the trigger…or a modified version of one. A contraption attached to the riffle allowed Will to shoot his own gun via an air trigger straw. When Will was ready to pull, he sucked the air from the straw, signaling the weapon to fire.

The result? The takedown of a MASSIVE buck.

The video footage of the takedown is going massively viral across social media. While you are watching the video, you can feel the emotion of excitement through the phone screen as Will not only hears all the cheering from outside the truck after the gun was fired but also the excitement from his family knowing that they were able to make their son’s dream come true. Will has a huge smile on his face, and the video is so emotional. I’m not going to lie… it made me tear up.

Soggy Bottom noted on the video’s caption:

“Best thing ever! Will’s daddy promised him when he was little that somehow, some way, one day, he would get him a deer! Today was that day! What an experience! Kidz outdoors had a contraption when Will sucked the straw; it shot the gun. Will got his first deer today! I wouldn’t take anything for the happiness I saw today.”

Will’s dad flung open the car door, cheering on his son as the whole group was filled with so much excitement and thrill over Will’s buck. I lost it when Will’s dad kissed him and said:

“You got it, buddy. You got it.” 

That is one proud dad.

@soggy_bottom_lodgeBest thing ever! Wills daddy promised him when he was little that somehow someway one day he would get him a deer! Today was that day! What an experience! Kidz outdoors had a contraption when will sucked the straw it shot the gun, Will got his first deer today! I wouldnt take anything for the happiness i saw today♬ original sound – Soggy Bottom Lodge

The videos were swarmed with comments noting viewers’ excitement for Will.

“‘Gone make an old man cry,’ me too, sir. Me too.”

“Not a huge fan of hunting, but I am a huge fan of love. Good stuff.”

“I was doing great until Dad opened the door. That’s one proud daddy.”

“This is AMAZING! Everyone in that truck got to experience buck fever all at once, and that’s a cool thing!”

“Didn’t expect to have tears with my coffee.. ‘best part of waking up is watching will kill that buck.'”

“As a hunter and outdoorsman, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Later on, Will’s mother shared a compilation of the pictures captured from the hunt… including the prized buck that Will got. Let me tell y’all…I don’t know much about hunting, but I do know that buck needs to be put on a mount STAT. It’s massive.

@freet7391 Many thanks to @Kidz Outdoors Official 🦌🎣 and @Soggy Bottom Lodge for Will Freeman’s exciting hunt; it will forever be one of the greatest events of my life. The outpouring of love shown to my Will has been overwhelmingly fun! Thank you all for turning this dream into a reality! @kennyfreeman56 #specialneedsmom #fypシ #fyp ♬ Blessed – Kelly Clarkson

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