Steve Harvey Stunned By Turkey Gobbling Champion In Classic Family Feud Moment

Family Feud
Family Feud

Thanksgiving may be behind us, but I’m not done with turkey quite yet.

Wild turkeys are fascinating. From strong social orders (most likely where the term “Pecking Order” came from), to the beautiful puffed up toms, to the fact they’re actually decently predators and munch on snakes, frogs, and the occasional small mammal, and that they routinely terrorize humans, there’s nearly no piece of the turkey puzzle that you won’t be interested in if you take the time to learn about it.

But undeniably, one of the coolest things about these wild birds is their gobble.

I mean, I don’t think any person would be able to come up with that if they tried to create what type of call you’d think they’d make, but man it’s just fun to listen to.

Hunters use all sorts of calls to mimic this sound when trying to lure in a tom, but there’s a number of people who are able to make this noise all on their own without the help of any tools, and fortunately for us, one of these people just so happened to display this talent while on Family Feud some years back.

A woman named Tami (who sort of looks like Beth Dutton) had to come up with an answer for (I believe) what people should do when they don’t feel good, but before she answered, out of nowhere she told Steve she had something to show him.

“Well, before we do that, I have a special talent I want to share with you. Is that okay?”

I’m not sure what Steve was thinking, but I’d be shocked if he could have even guessed anything remotely similar to it and just muttered “Well…” before she began.

Tami broke out into a loud, and quite good, series of turkey gobbles, I mean if there were any hens nearby they’d have been screaming in to see what was up, and naturally this left Steve quite stunned…

After a few moments of Steve making his classic “What the hell is happening?” face, Tami proudly says:

“I’m a turkey gobbling champion.”

One, I didn’t know that was a thing, I’ve only seen the Illinois State Hog Calling Contest before, but two, of course she was the champion, that was really, really good.

After a few more stunned moments, Steve unleashes with what I assume to be his attempt to gobble, but in reality was just a series of screeches that quite honestly made me uncomfortable…

Family Feud is a family tradition in my household, and this is one of those iconic scenes that we should never forget.

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