TikTokers Are Just Now Finding Out That Target’s Black Friday Sales Are Total Bullsh*t



Anyone who has been on this Earth long enough to know anything about… well, anything… knows that Black Friday sales are largely a scam. In fact, plenty of general sales are scams.

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Anyways, leave it to Gen Z’ers on TikTok to go viral thinking they’ve uncovered the lost city of Atlantis by pointing out that Target isn’t exactly giving you the deal they’re advertising.

A number of videos are gaining viral attention after shoppers reveal that the advertised “Black Friday Deal” price is the exact same as their regular ol’ “Sale” price.

Another one…

Like I said, this is nothing new. How many times where you were a kid did you see something on sale in a catalog and be like “DAD, it’s 15% OFF!” Only for him to reply, “yeah, they probably marked it up 20%.”

It’s a tale as old as time. Sister Mary was probably slinging 3 chickens for two pence back in the 1795 to poor schmucks who didn’t know any better.

You can slap the word “sale” on anything you want, but at the end of the day, these companies are trying to make money, that’s the goal here. Massive corporations are dishonest? Thanks for the breaking news Captain Obvious…

But here’s the thing, most shoppers WANT to be lied to. These TikTok bozos who hate Capitalism and America think they’re exposing some grave injustice, but the rest of us just want to be feel better about buying shit we don’t need.

So all of that to say… calm down TikTok, you didn’t uncover anything that anyone over the age of 25 didn’t already know, you’re not saving the world, and let’s be honest… nobody has money to buy anything in this economy anyways… see ya next year.

And hell, if this is the Target you have to shop at, who even wants to go? Welcome to 2023…

But like I said, for an actual Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, check out the Whiskey Riff Shop where everything is actually 20% off.

In fact, we’re probably losing money… getcha some.

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