FAIL MARY: Tim Boyle Throws A 99-Yard Pick-Six To Jevon Holland And Crashes Jets Fans’ Spirits On Black Friday

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Black Friday? More like Bleak Friday for the New York Jets. Starting Tim Boyle at quarterback is bad enough. His buddy Aaron Rodgers could break the rules, be on the headset through the duration of the play clock, and Boyle still wouldn’t be able to succeed against the Miami Dolphins.

Tua Tagovailoa had a brain-fart pick-six of his own to keep the Jets in this one just minutes before. THEN, Tua threw another interception with just two seconds left in the first half. That set the stage for Boyle’s would-be heroics…

…Only Jevon Holland had other plans…

Gotta wonder what’s running through Zach Wilson’s brain right now. LOL. Love Mike McDaniel’s reaction as well.

Full disclosure, too, since I’m a man of integrity: Ya boii has a Dolphins -10.5 alternate spread bet at plus money going right now. You bet I was feeling myself once Legatron missed that extra point for Gang Green. Huge implications. Thanks to Holland’s UNBELIEVABLE full-field sprint to the end zone, Miami holds a 17-6 halftime lead.

If only this were the last play of the game. That’d be the hit of all hits. I would quit betting forever. Speaking of quitting betting forever, somebody check on Alex Monaco and his +6.5 Jets first half play.

If this Fail Mary isn’t a fitting summary of the Jets’ 2023 season, I don’t know what is. Robert Saleh’s defense is shutting down the Dolphins’ ground game, picked off Tua on back-to-back possessions, stood up on a 4th and 1 deep in their own territory on the opening drive, and even scored a TD themselves. Only to be repaid like this.

I mean. What do you even say if you’re Saleh at halftime? Could you be less despondent? Too bad professional quarterbacks aren’t on a Black Friday sale, much less competent offensive linemen. Or capable offensive coordinators. I’m sure Saleh would do many deeds and few short of murder for any or all of those enviable assets.

Rich Eisen, praying for you man.

As if Tim Boyle wasn’t infamous enough for being in the NFL just because he’s Aaron Rodgers’ buddy. As if his 50.6 career passer rating entering Friday’s game wasn’t bad enough, either. Unless Boyle pulls off a miraculous second-half comeback, this Fail Mary will forever define his career.

That Packers-Seahawks Fail Mary from 2012 that Rodgers just so happened to be on the bad end of has nothing on what we just saw here. Does this need its own name? The Boyle Blunder perhaps?

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