Watch Johnny Cash’s Thanksgiving Message From 1970, Which Is Still Just As Relevant Today

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The Johnny Cash Show

Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

As the grills are fired up, beers are cracked, wine bottles opened, potatoes are mashed, and family is all around, today is the perfect day to enjoy time with those who mean a lot to you and be thankful for what we all have.

And one of my favorite videos to watch on Thanksgiving day is a snippet from The Johnny Cash Show from 1970.

Cash says to open up the segment:

“Thanksgiving is a day to be reminded to be thankful for all the things we’ve got. Though it may seem like little, sometimes we’ve all got something to be thankful for.”

Cash sits down and shares a poem about a man and his family who didn’t seem like they had a lot to be thankful for, but as they went to bless the food, he realized that all the little things you forget about are reasons to be grateful.

“Dear Lord, he said, we thank you the sun was warm today. Thank you for the singing of the birds and the laughing of the children as they play.

Thank you to that neighbor of mine that fixed my plow, and thank you for that old plow horse.”

As he goes on to list the small feats that he is thankful for that occur each day, listening to them reminds us of all the little things we all have that we can be thankful for. After he shares the short poem, he sings, “I Thank You Lord.”

The song carries a powerful message, and Cash looks so nonchalant as he sings the words that hold so much weight.

It’s a great video with an even greater message.

I hope y’all all have a great Thanksgiving filled with good food, greater company, and good football… well, maybe good football, we’ll see.

At least Dolly Parton is performing during halftime of the Dallas Cowboys game.

Just for fun, take a listen to Cash’s “Thanksgiving Prayer” while you’re here.

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