Tyreek Hill’s Wife Has Internet Divided On Who’s At Fault For Getting Nachos Spilled On Her

Tyreek Hill Wife

It was the nacho spill heard around the world, and everyone on social media is trying to figure out who was at fault.

While NFL wide receiver Tyreek Hill was out on the football field helping his Miami Dolphins team take down the Las Vegas Raiders, his wife was busy cheering him on from the stands.

Hill and Keeta Vaccaro dated for around two years before tying the knot, and did so rather recently. The talented speedster for the Dolphins let fans know on his podcast It Needed To Be Said that he and his longtime fiancée got married during Miami’s bye week in early November.

The game went well for the Dolphins, though Hill’s wife didn’t have a seamless game watching experience. During the contest, Keeta stood up in her seat to celebrate an exciting play for Miami, and in the process, she had nachos spilled all over her.

Though it was most likely just a harmless accident, social media has been watching and re-watching the footage like the Zapruder film trying to figure out who was at fault.

Take a look for yourself and see what you think:

Personally, I’ve always been taught that your seat goes “all the way up to the ceiling/sky,” so she definitely had the right to stand up and cheer. It’s possible that the man was invading her rightful seat zone, but let’s see what everyone else online had to say about it.

It’s “the dress” all over again:

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