“Rich White Billionaire” – Colts Owner Jim Irsay Threatens To Sue ‘First Take’ For Criticizing His DUI Arrest, Which He Says Was An Instance Of Prejudice

Jim Irsay

Unfortunately the four-letter network is a little slow on the uptake in getting their latest FIRE First Take segment posted to YouTube and/or X Twitter, but the main takeaway isn’t what was said on a TV set.

The main takeaway is Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay thinking he was prejudiced against for his 2014 suspicion-of-DUI arrest on the basis of being a rich, white billionaire. I swear that’s real. Take a look at this HBO clip that just dropped where Irsay describes his intrusion on the law as precisely that:

…And now that folks are out here getting a little fuzzy on the details of his near-decade-ago arrest because they’re so punch-drunk at how tone-deaf he is, Irsay is threatening legal action.


I feel like at this point we all know better than to take offense to anything Jim Irsay says. The guy is just a wild character in general. A total lightning rod for criticism that he 100% brings upon himself. Irsay reminds me more of Rob Ford than an NFL owner.

Instead of, I don’t know, doing the sensible thing here and focusing on perhaps rethinking the whole “prejudiced against because I’m rich” rhetoric, Irsay got hung up on the details of his arrest. OK, so it wasn’t alcohol that he was busted for. Nope. Rather, he was found to have hydrocodone, oxycodone and alprazolam (Xanax) in his system, pleaded guilty to an OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) charge, had to go to rehab, and was suspended for six games by the NFL.

I can’t say provide a better summary of this saga on my own than this:

…THEN — holy non sequitur alert, Batman! — Irsay decides to defend himself against allegations of nepotism, apropos of nothing.

Yeah, or don’t read the room.

It’s OK, Jim. Everyone knows you inherited the Colts from your father. Whatever the finer details of that transaction were, it just kind of is what it is. No offense intended.

Jim Irsay is exhausting. He’s about ready to spontaneously combust at any second, or get his Twitter fingers ready to go on a loosely-punctuated, liberally-capitalized tirade of half-completed thoughts and sentences. I guess we’re here for it. You can’t say Irsay doesn’t keep things interesting in his neck of the woods.

Meanwhile, in on-the-field news — in lieu of any other graceful way to land this turbulent plane of a story — the Colts are 5-5 and fighting for a playoff spot with Gardner Minshew at quarterback… Let’s go!

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