“I F*cked Up” – Jelly Roll Offers Nashville Restaurant $1,000 For 2 Pans Of Dressing (The Day Before Thanksgiving)

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Jelly Roll

He needs to start tallkin’ to God for this favor to come through.

Jelly Roll might be in the dog house if he can’t find some dressing for the Thanksgiving table. In his defense… he has been a little busy winning CMA New Artist of the Year and being nominated for Grammy Awards.

Jelly Roll took to TikTok moments ago, pleading with his following to help him out in this time of need. He forgot to order the Thanksgiving dressing (or stuffing, depending on where you’re from). While I am sure we have all made this mistake before and often just had to grin and bear being the family member who dropped the ball on their contribution, Jelly Roll was smart enough to use his TikTok platform to try and get some help.

“Alright, y’all, I f*cked up and I need your help. I’m a husband and I did what husbands do, I told my wife I’d take care of the dressing because I wanted it from my favorite restaurant. Then, I waited until the day before Thanksgiving to call for the dressing. I can’t get nobody on the phone for the dressing. 

We need help. PLEASE. If you have a contact at Barr’s Music City Soul Food in Nashville, it’s the best dressing ever. Tell that lady I will give her $1,000 for two pans of Barr’s Music City Soul Food dressing for my family on Thanksgiving.”

Jelly Roll sounds winded with how quickly he sent out the bat signal for help on this matter, but then his messaging gets even more desperate as he wraps up the video.

“SOMEBODY in Nashville knows this lady; PLEASE help me!”

While I’ve never been to Barr’s Music City Soul Food, by the desperation in his voice, it seems like the dressing might change your life the second it hits your mouth. Also, from the desperation, it sounds like the owners and operations of the restaurant could barter for some more dough to make Jelly Roll’s Thanksgiving wish come true. (But you DID NOT hear that suggestion from us)

Jelly Roll, we are keeping you in our thoughts as we await a response from your bride, Bunnie. Or, in the best case, this man gets some dressing before Bunnie discovers the video.

@officialjellyrollNashville Please Help♬ original sound – Jelly Roll

You know the drill… fire this one up.

“Need A Favor”

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