Bobcat Pounces On A Turkey Decoy Only To Find Out It Isn’t Real

Bobcat pounces on turkey decoy

Guess the decoy looks pretty realistic.

As we all get ready to settle into a food coma tomorrow while watching 3 football games that might actually be good this year, there’s plenty of people heading to the grocery store for some last minute supplies.

Well, it’s not quite browsing the aisles of Safeway, but this bobcat also thought it was getting a last second full turkey for dinner, only for it to all be fugazi. This video come to us from Vermont and we get to see a bobcat in full stalk mode as it approaches what it thought was a turkey standing out in the middle of a clearing.

But unfortunately for the feline, that turkey turned out to be nothing more than a decoy once it pounced on it and was greeted with plastic rather than meat. Gotta be a sad moment for the bobcat, but hey, life in the wild is hard.

At least the hunter can be confident that he got himself some good decoys that look like real to wild animals, but man, I’ve watched this cat creep in and pounce at least 10 times now, it’s honestly pretty funny.

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