Flatland Cavalry Performs Chilling Acoustic Version of “Wool” From New ‘The Hunger Games’ Soundtrack

Flatland Cavalry
Flatland Cavalry

If you have not listened to any portion of The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbird & Snakes soundtrack, do yourself a favor and do it.

The album is not only stacked from the artists featured in lineup but is also filled with incredible tracks. From Sierra Ferrell’s “The Garden” to Bella White’s “Burn Me Once,” every country music artist housed on this soundtrack does a knockout job.

One song that has been hypnotizing to me since the first listen is Flatland Cavalry‘s “Wool.” The deep, dark, haunting acoustic number drew me in from the start with the simple strums, hints of steel guitar, and Cleto’s deep and mysterious lyrics. And while it was an early favorite, I have now fallen head over heels for this track after Flatland Cavalry released an accompanying acoustic video today.

The video shot in dim golden light is reminiscent of the album art for the soundtrack, keeping it on theme and playing into the track’s light and dark messaging. The camera work keeps the viewer close and personal in Cleto’s space, focusing on him as he sings into the microphone with slight pans to the steel guitar and their fingers moving up and down the guitar necks.

The video’s simplicity lets the vocals shine as the powerful message of seeing someone you used to find comfort in changing into a stranger. The powerful lyrics give you full body chills, especially when Cleto dips down into that deep bass note during the chorus, singing the title of the track: “Wool.”

Who’s peekin’ out behind the wool?
Who? Is it a monster or a fool
Peekin’ out behind the wool?”

Flatland has always been known for giving stellar live performances, and their recent lineup of acoustic cuts has been out of this world, constantly fighting for which is my favorite. I must say “Wool” is quickly climbing up the ranks as it’s the perfect track for the nights in winter when the darkness sets in early.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbird & Snakes is about to be a major box office success, and I am beyond glad that Flatland Cavalry’s sound will be projected in the film. It’s much deserved.

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