Colorado Coach Deion Sanders Thought Mount Rushmore Was In Los Angeles: “What’s Those Four Little Heads That’s In California?”

Deion Sanders
Colorado Football

As a wise man once said, we ain’t come here to play school.

That wise man was Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones, who was selected in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft and would go on to play in one game in the NFL before moving on to the XFL, then the CFL, and most recently the IFL (which is the Indoor Football League if you didn’t know, which would be understandable) before ultimately being cut there too this past August.

So yeah, he probably wishes he would have played school a little more during his time at Ohio State.

But apparently Deion Sanders didn’t go to Colorado to play school either, and has no time for things like geography (or breaking up fights at practice).

The first year head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes, who was the talk of college football early in the season when his team rattled off three straight wins to open the season after going 1-11 last year, has been focused on things other than playing school this year after Colorado is now sitting at 4-7 after a 5-game losing streak.

So you’ll have to forgive Coach Prime if he doesn’t even know where Mount Rushmore is…which he apparently doesn’t.

During a press conference today, while talking about his expectations for his team, Sanders brought up the famous mountain in South Dakota that features the heads of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

Except not only did he forget the name of the national park…he also thought it was in California:

“What’s those little four heads that’s in California? What do they call those? The people’s faces engraved?”

After the media deciphered what Coach Prime was talking about, they informed him that Mt. Rushmore is actually in South Dakota:

“It’s in where? I thought it was in LA all this time. Wow, my geography…”

It’s alright Coach, you didn’t come to Colorado to play school. Just focus on getting that team turned around.

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