Watch Vincent Neil Emerson Lay Down An Incredible Acoustic Version Of “The Golden Crystal Kingdom”

Vincent Neil Emerson country music
Vincent Neil Emerson

If y’all are sleeping on Vincent Neil Emerson, you are doing yourself a disservice.

VNE has been redefining authentic country music through his barrier-breaking sound, highlighted so strongly on his latest album release, The Golden Crystal KingdomWhile I highly, and I mean HIGHLY, recommend taking the time to listen to the album in its entirety, Emerson has started releasing acoustic versions of some tracks, further demonstrating his unbridled talent.

The album’s title track has worn out on my speakers since its release. The heavy pedal guitar riffs tingle my ears in the best way combined with Emerson’s silky smooth twangs. With the studio cut of the song being heavy on the steel, I was curious to see how VNE would imagine an acoustic version of the track.

This is probably one of the most flawless acoustic videos I’ve watched in a minute.

Shot in an old storage hanger, the rusted poles and cardboard boxes match Emerson’s vintage eclectic style as his sound often feels like you’ve stepped back in time. Even as he sings the lyrics about taking a step back in history, the location’s vibe fits effortlessly.

“Ain’t it funny how their jewelry turns to rust
And the songs they play are covered up with dust
If you’re lookin’ for a dance, you’ll find it there
In the Golden Crystal Kingdom on the square…”

As he picks his acoustic, the slight lift he puts on the strings as he strums gives a tinge that is similar to a steel guitar, keeping that same feel but shining new light on the composition of the track.

Calm, cool, and collected… an acoustic session like this highlights the true artistry of a musician, and this one of “The Golden Crystal Kingdom” shouts out VNE’s talent from the rooftops.

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