Raging Deer Catapults Itself Through Front Window Of Busy Burger Bar In Tennessee

Deer through the window
CTV News

Those dining at The Grind Mac and Cheese Burger Bar in Martin, Tennessee got a little bit more than they bargained for the other night when a 6-point buck came crashing through the front window of the restaurant.

Usually the window seat is “prime real estate” when it comes to restaurant seating, but the family sitting by the window when this happened probably wish they could’ve picked a booth off to the side with hindsight.

It’s business as usual in the moments before the deer comes leaping through the large window, sending glass pieces everywhere as the table of six scrambles to safety. One second, the family was relaxing and digging into their burgers and milkshakes, and the next, they were screaming and shielding themselves from the crazed whitetail buck.

The large window crashes down to the ground in a thousand pieces as the hooves of the deer touch the floor of the restaurant. Not used to the slippery surface, the buck goes slipping and sliding all over the place, knocking over tables and chairs and causing the situation to become even that much more chaotic.

Shoutout to the man who gets everyone that was seated at the table behind him in the corner of the restaurant. That buck might’ve just jumped through the window behind his family, but it doesn’t stand a chance at getting to them again. A classic “you are gonna have to go through me” scenario…

After stumbling around inside the restaurant, the deer makes a mad dash to the bar (I’m sure a lot of us can relate). The back of the bar turns into a death trap runway as the antlered animal sprints full steam ahead down the bar lane, leaving one server to run for their life away from the wild animal.

And the “Coolest Guy in the Whole Place” award goes to the man that casually steps out of the way of the server and opens the door to the outside of the restaurant. The timing could not have been better, because as soon as the deer came out from behind the bar, the door had been swung open and the buck took the chance to get the hell out of there.

In total, the deer was probably inside the restaurant for no more than a minute, but it managed to do a good amount of damage while it was inside. A similar thing happened to a lingerie shop in Michigan when a deer catapulted itself through the front window of the storefront and wreaked havoc for a short period of time.

To all the hunters out there, you best be taking advantage of deer season. At this point, bagging and tagging a deer could potentially be saving the front window of your favorite local establishment.

Take a look at the wild video below:

@ctvnews Security camera footage shows the moment a deer crashed through a restaurant window in Martin, Tennessee, on November 13. Video shared by the restaurant owner, shows the deer crashing through the window, and scattering shards of glass onto the diners. The deer runs through the restaurant as shocked wait staff give way, allowing the deer to run out through the back door. A teen sitting by the window suffered an injury in the incident and received 11 stitches at a nearby hospital, according to reports. 🎥: The Grind via Storyful #deer #animal #caughtoncamera #wildanimals #restaurant #window #dinner #tennessee #securitycamera #news #ctvnews ♬ original sound – CTVNews

Side note: I’ve been to The Grind and it’s very good. Good burgers, great milkshakes, and decent prices. They’ll just have to deer-proof the place before I go back now…

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