The World Of Golf Rejoices As Tiger Woods Commits To Play Hero World Challenge

Tiger Woods
TGR Live

It’s official: Tiger Woods is back.

How did we find out? Via a repost on X. Yeah. No big announcement or proclamation statement. Just what the kids used to call a “Retweet.”

Tiger last teed it up in competition at the Masters, where he was forced to withdraw with a foot injury. He underwent surgery back in April to address his latest ailment, and has been seen caddying/following around his son Charlie amid his blossoming junior golf and high school career.

Not gonna lie, didn’t think this day would come so soon. Sure, Tiger has only played in two events before this for the entire calendar year. Just figured he might wait all the way till the 2024 Masters Tournament to get back out there. What an encouraging sign it is to see him back in action at an event he hosts.

It’s a small, exclusive field without a 36-hole cut line and could be just what Tiger needs to get those competitive juices flowing again versus premier competition.

Few will care what Tiger actually shoots or how he scores over the course of four rounds. It’ll be an achievement in and of itself if he can play halfway decent and just make it through 72 holes.

There really isn’t that much reaction going on from the social medias, other than major outlets reposting the news that Tiger is back and being happy about it. I think we’re all kinda stunned, no? Will do my best to round up the best ones that I see that add a little more substance and/or humor to the overall story.

Regardless, rest assured, the world of golf is indeed universally celebrating the news of Tiger’s return in many a way.

…What a day for golf. Many have said it before, but in men’s golf, Tiger Woods doesn’t simply move the needle. He is the needle. That still holds true. Even when he’s not playing, Tiger’s explanation to Scottie Scheffler about not taking divots is something that can go viral and turn into a widespread phenomenon.

One week after Thanksgiving, we will see Tiger Woods playing professional golf again. How cool is that!?

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