“The Wheel Has Spoken” – Dudes Go Bonkers After Spinning Wheel Hits Big First TD Bet For The Group

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Any degenerate sports bettors out there?

The world of sports gambling has pulled in a lot of customers in recent years as sports betting becomes more widely available and legal across the country. The industry has brought in around $22 billion in the United States as of November of 2023.

That staggering amount of money should tell you that the phrase “the house always wins” still rings true. Sports betting has to be one of the most chaotic forms of gambling, and I’d say that Family Guy perfectly summed it up with this hilarious video below:

Nailed it. There are A LOT of people out there simply making donations to the sports betting industry…

However, the guys in this video that has now gone viral might have figured it out. The results of sports (and thus sports betting) can be random, so why not bring in a little randomness when choosing what picks to play?

That’s what this group of guys decided to do with a “Spin the Wheel” set up to help them choose what first touchdown prop bet they wanted to go with. For those non-gamblers out there, a first touchdown bet pays out very well, but is generally a risky play. You are trying to choose who will score the first TD of the game, which is basically like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

But these guys, who grouped together their money to make this play, are lightyears ahead of the rest of us. They bought a spinning wheel to help them choose bets, and the randomness of the wheel paid off during Thursday Night Football.

When they spun, the wheel landed on Baltimore Ravens running back Gus Edwards, so that’s who they went with in their bet. The house that they were all watching the game together in turned into quite the scene when Edwards got handed the ball at the goal line with a chance to score the game’s first touchdown.

The caption for the video states:

“The wheel has spoken! GUS BUS featuring (the) new Mega Deleesh board.”

Absolutely electric…

Everyone on social media was happy for the group of guys with the unorthodox betting style, while some were definitely suffering from a little FOMO (both not being included in the bet and not being able to watch the game in their sick man cave setup):

The “no shoes” thing is something that I only noticed after going through the replies.

The money might have been flowing after winning the bet, but the stench of a bunch of dude feet must have been borderline unbearable…

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