Remember John Tortorella’s Incredible Response To Hot Mics Picking Up Profanity On The Ice?

John Tortorella

I have to admit, it’s always hilarious whenever a player or a coach gets caught on the hot mic during a game saying something wild. Sometimes, the camera crew isn’t quite fast enough when it comes to bleeping out a cuss word, and next thing you know the f-bomb is exposed to the world.

Of course, this may be hilarious to us grown folk, because it makes us realize that these athletes and coaches are just regular folks like us, just with a much bigger platform. They’re also in the midst of incredibly intense situations, the peak of competition… watching their mouth is the last thing on their mind. Hell, talking shit is part of the game.

However, parents may not find this as funny when they have their young child watching, ESPECIALLY here in the south when just about every parent teaches their kids that you’re borderline going to Hell if you say a cuss word.

With that being said, when it comes to getting caught on the hot mic, one NHL coach doesn’t care one bit… the great John Tortorella. Torts has coached for a number of teams including the Columbus Blue Jackets, the New York Rangers, and is now with the Philadelphia Flyers, but if there’s been one constant in his hockey career, it’s been his hard-nosed personality.

Back in 2020, a reporter asked Tortorella about getting caught using profanity on the hot mic, and he delivered the most hilarious response… signature John Tortorella.

He bluntly said:

“I really don’t give a sh*t quite honestly.”

I mean c’mon, using profanity while literally being asked about getting caught using profanity while on the ice? That’s a power move right there. I may not be a huge hockey fan, but I’m John Tortorella fan now.

Check it out:

The man is a walking quote machine:

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