Mountain Lion Quietly Stalks Elk Before Taking Off To Chase It

mountain lion elk

If you aren’t too familiar with mountain lions, there’s one thing you need to know…

They’re the known for being some of the most quiet hunters in all of the wild.

When you’re out hiking or camping, you must be aware of your surroundings at all times, because a mountain lion could easily be lurking only a few feet away, and you could have no idea.

With that being said, this video is the perfect example of the kind of stealth the mountain lion possesses.

Trail cam footage captured a mountain lion in an open area in the woods. All of a sudden, you can see the creature look up, as if it knows something is approaching it.

Sure enough, a good sized bull elk makes its way onto the scene, unaware that there’s a mountain lion only a few feet away.

The mountain lion goes in for the attack, as the bull elk darts off in the other direction with the mountain lion trailing closely behind.

Although we don’t get to see the end result of this hunt, the video is a perfect example of how a mountain lion hunts down its prey.

The caption to the video reads:

“Mountain lions, masters of stealth in the wilderness, face off against an unforgiving reality with each hunting attempt.

Despite their prowess and power, these magnificent predators experience more misses than hits, with a success rate of only 20% to 30%. This highlights the challenging nature of life in the wild, where even the most skilled hunters often face the harsh truth of failure.

Each unsuccessful hunt teaches resilience and adaptability. The mountain lion’s frequent trials and occasional triumphs are a vivid reminder of the relentless and unforgiving rhythm of survival in the natural world.”

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