76ers Star Kelly Oubre Jr. Got Struck By A Car, But Was Released From The Hospital And Reportedly Won’t Miss The Rest Of The Season

Kelly Oubre Jr. 76ers
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Scary situation involving Philadelphia 76ers wing Kelly Oubre Jr., who was struck by a motor vehicle on Saturday night.

Woj provided all the details as they unfolded, culminating in the wonderful news that Oubre was eventually released from the hospital.

Although the ultimate disaster scenario was avoided and the extent or nature of Oubre’s injuries haven’t been disclosed, he’ll be out of action for the foreseeable future. The good news is, Philadelphia isn’t ruling him out for the remainder of the 2023-24 season.

That could change in the coming days, but the main takeaway right now is that Oubre’s injuries didn’t keep him in the hospital overnight.

Here’s what the Sixers had to say in response to the awful incident:

Oubre is one of those players who feels like he’s been in the NBA forever, yet he’s still only 27. I guess it makes sense that this is his ninth season as a pro if he entered the Association at around 18, but wow. Lots of bouncing around to different teams for Oubre, too — five total. He just signed with Philly in late September and was averaging 16.3 points through his first eight games as a Sixer.

Let’s all hope and pray or do whatever positive vibe sending is appropriate to will Kelly Oubre Jr. back to full health as soon as possible. He’s a solid two-way player and a key cog in Philly’s nucleus, which is still sorting out chemistry with a new-look rotation in the aftermath of the blockbuster James Harden trade.

PS, ICYMI, The Beard got depantsed on live TV just recently by a Mavs announcer.

Kelly Oubre Jr. is the antithesis of James Harden in just about every conceivable way. Seems to care about teammates. Tries hard on defense more often than not. Doesn’t make a fuss about being frequently traded and does the best he can in each situation. He’s been rewarded as an emerging starter on a solid Joel Embiid-led Philly team who’s posted a 7-1 record to date.

It’s players like Oubre who can really help the Sixers turn their culture around and put the maligned Harden era in the rearview mirror. Appreciating the Phily faithful goes a long way as well. Oubre recognizes that.

Get well soon, Mr. Oubre.

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