Seagull Chows Down On Baby Shark While Kids Watch In Amazement: “How Does That Even Work?”

Seagull eats baby shark

Nothing can ruin a great beach day quite like a flock of seagulls, but for this family, it was a seagull that made their day.

This video comes to us from New Jersey and shows just how impressive seagulls can be when it comes to shoving food down their gullet.

Was it a bag of chips some idiot threw to them? A half eaten sandwich or a left over slice of pizza?

Nope, it was a baby shark (and don’t start singing that dang song).

From the commentary, we know that the seagull swooped down into the water and plucked it out, which is at the same time impressive and scary. If the babies are that close to shore, the mother has to be nearby, right?

Regardless, the entire family watched in amazement as this seagull picked up the small shark, which was still about a third of its size, and swallowed the entire thing in a couple of gulps before sipping some water to wash it down.

Here’s some of the great commentary from the mom and kids.

“Look he went in there and got that… Oh my God look he’s eating it whole! 

Ohh! Ohh! … Oh my God. *Random excited children noises*… 

How did that fit in his stomach? That’s like half the size of its stomach!

Look, the tail is still sticking out. What?! … How does that even work?”

You’ve just gotta love when children get to witness some of the incredible sights nature provides, especially when it’s unexpected.

Shoutout to this mom for having them watch it and stopping the one kid from disturbing it. While I’m sure seagulls on the shore don’t go hungry, it’s not a good example to set letting them interrupt a natural process.

Plus, that shark is a lot more nutritious than some cheese balls…

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