No Professional Athlete Has Ever Been Cooked More Thoroughly Than James Harden Was By This Mavs Announcer

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Somebody had to do it. You can only take so many strip clubs and zero championships from James Harden before any self-respecting sports media personality snaps and asks what this world has come to.

It all came to a head before Harden and his latest team, the Clippers, lost to Dallas on Friday. Longtime Mavericks coverage guy Brad Dameris had had it up to HERE with The Beard’s bullsh*t and decided to absolutely unload on the former NBA MVP in a rant for the ages:

I could spend time block quoting some of Dameris’ straight-up bars. Nah. You gotta hear this whole spiel in full.

To outline somebody’s failures this in-depth is quite the exercise, yet Dameris executes this tear-down to complete perfection. When you really break down just how many coaches Harden got fired, how many bridges he burned in demanding trades, and how many superstar players he’s managed to play with, it’s actually kind of hilarious that the guy hasn’t won a championship to date.

Like you almost have to try to not have lifted the Larry O’Brien Trophy by this point…

Who knows what kind of repressed male aggression Dameris was cutting loose all at once in this instance. But who cares? He couldn’t be more correct about how pathetic James Harden is.

Here’s an all-time, legendary basketball talent who’s pissed away worlds of goodwill and forced his way off of not one, not two, not three, but four different NBA teams. And what does he have to show for it? A whole lot of nothing.

Can you believe this Clippers squad right now? They have two premier wings in Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. one of the athletic marvels in American sports history in Russell Westbrook. Aaaand James Harden. Let me tell you, love life expert and occasional ESPN personality Stephen A Smith is among those who’s skeptical of that crew’s collective leadership ability:

This team would be a lot more formidable back in, say, 2016? Sadly for Clippers owner Steve Ballmer — who gets way too excited for dubious reasons — he’s spent all this money to field a “dream team” that is collectively past its prime. For all the alleged defensive prowess Kawhi and PG bring, too, Luka Doncic just roasted LA for 44 points on 17-of-21 shooting.

Meanwhile, Harden logged 29 minutes, got up six field goal attempts, and managed a stat line of 14 points, five boards and three assists. Cool! Except you’re 34, kind of washed, are 0-3 as a Clipper and have objectively left your team far worse off.

Say what you will about Harden’s individual accomplishments and accolades. Brad Dameris is on to something here.

All things considered, Harden might be one of the biggest losers among high-profile athletes of his generation.

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