Massive Bull Moose Chows Down On Pumpkin Outside Of Alaska Home

Moose eats pumpkins

Typically on Halloween, the only thing you have to worry about are some bozo teenagers wrecking your Halloween decorations, or some kids stealing all of the candy you left outside in the trick-or-treat bucket.

However, I can honestly say this problem has never come to mind…

In Alaska, you have to worry about a giant moose making its way on your property and eating your newly carved pumpkins.

In this wild video, you can visibly see a massive bull moose chowing down on the pumpkin Natalie Levy left outside her home.

Luckily, it was all caught on her ring doorbell footage.

She told Alaska’s News Source:

“The post-Halloween porch clean-up fairy paid us a morning visit.”

I mean SHEESH. What do you do in this situation? You obviously can’t try to walk outside and shew it away, because that moose has the ability to send you to the afterlife. We’ve seen that horrific situation nearly played out several times with moron tourists at national parks.

At this point, you just have to accept the fact that the moose turned your pumpkin into dinner, and move along.

Needless to say, this is a problem that the majority of the country will never have to worry about.

Check it out:

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