Canadian Hunter Bags 10-Point Buck With Another Buck’s Head Attached To It

Deer hunter
Tyson Ramer

Talk about a two-for-one special.

It’s no secret that Saskatchewan, Canada is a sportsman’s paradise. World class hunting, especially whitetail, and world class fishing for lake trout and northern pike, it’s just heaven. Of course whenever you get the chance to get out into the wilderness, the unexpected can happen.

Exhibit A…

According to Outdoor Life, Tyson Ramer went out deer hunting with his girlfriend on his family’s farm in Disley, Saskatchewan. The 24-year-old noticed a nice 10-point whitetail buck with an 8-point deadhead attached.

Raymer told the outlet:

“I put my binoculars on him and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was a nice buck, with just the head of another good buck hanging off his rack.

I stalked to about 80 yards of him and could just see him on the other side of a hill in the field. Finally, he stepped out, I fired, he ran a bit, and fell dead. When I got up close to the deer it was incredible to see.”

The two bucks were more than likely fighting during the rut, but ultimately, the 10-pointer got the best of the eight-pointer. He also said the 10-pointer appeared to be able to get around normally, after watching it run after he shot it.

“When we skinned the 10-pointer he was very lean, almost no fat at all—very unlike the other mature bucks we get. He likely had trouble feeding and that’s why he’d gotten so skinny.”

Needless to say, this will probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity for Raymer and his girlfriend.

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