“Are You F**king Kidding Me Moose?” – Alaskan Bull Moose Crash Through Fence, Smash Car In Bloody Backyard Battle

Moose fight in Alaska
Holly Keintz

Moose tracks in your yard: good if you are having an ice cream social, bad if you are assessing massive amounts of property damage.

A homeowner in Homer, Alaska is left picking up the pieces of her house’s outdoor area after two massive bull moose had an intense battle right in her yard. With all of the damage that the wild animals did during their fight, it might as well have been the Tasmanian Devil (the chaotic cartoon character) that wreaked havoc just outside of her home.

Holly Keintz, the owner of the house in Alaska, was beside herself as she helplessly watched the two moose have a cinematic battle right outside the window. Her dog started barking at the commotion happening outside, which alerted Keintz to rush to her window to capture this wild encounter in real time.

She also reacted in real time, saying this as she witnessed the moose breaking through her privacy fence like it was made out of popsicle sticks:

“Oh my gosh, no! No! Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, sh*t…Are you f**king kidding me moose?”

Such a natural reaction to what was taking place right in front of her, and to be honest, the crazy situation called for more cursing. You’ll hear her letting them loose in the video below, but just by my personal opinion, the moment deserved a lot more.

In a sort of “calm before the storm” moment in the clip, one of the moose actually backs up through the fence, and leaves the other standing alone and looking around. The woman filming chooses this as her opportunity to crack open the door and yell:

“Get out of here! Go! Go, go, go! Get out of here freaking moose.”

And it genuinely looked like the moose was going to listen, that is until the woman’s daughter warned that the big beast “was coming back,” and the other moose came crashing back into the yard to lock antlers once again.

In arguably the funniest part of the video, the mother and daughter call the “dad” and try to explain to him over the phone the craziness that is unfolding between the two moose in the yard. Shortly before the dad picks up the phone, Holly can be heard saying:

“I wonder if this can be an insurance claim…”

While they are explaining the situation over the phone call, the moose briefly take a break from clanking antlers before they start back up again and continue to decimate anything they come across. The dad’s advice on how to handle the situation actually proved to be incredibly helpful:

“Get better video, because you’re gonna get a million hits.”

The pair of moose go at it for a good six minutes before the video wraps up, and the whole thing is full of non-stop action and curse-riddled commentary.

Unfortunately, the video has not reached the one million mark like the dad on the phone was hoping for, but there’s still plenty of time for the clip to take off, and we’re happy to help with that.

Check it out:


As it turns out, this moose encounter is a story in two parts. Holly posted another video to her YouTube channel documenting all of the damage that the moose battle left behind.

The clip is dramatically titled “The Aftermath,” and shows the home’s blood stained porch, mangled fence, and Holly’s scratched up vehicle:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock