Luke Bryan Catches Heat From Country Music Fans After Lackluster CMA Awards Medley

Luke Bryan country music

There’s a good chance you are watching the 2023 CMA Awards right now, and if you are, you’ve probably noticed that one of the co-hosts is sort of hogging the spotlight.

This marks the second year that country music artist Luke Bryan and former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning have hosted the CMA Awards, and though Peyton is holding his own, a lot of the internet is calling out Bryan for his hosting duties.

A good host keeps the night moving, and puts the attention on everyone and everything else, and social media is feeling as if Bryan has been shining the light on himself a little too much.

The show has had a variety of great musical acts, from Jelly Roll and Wynonna Judd, Morgan Wallen and Eric Church, Chris Stapleton (why didn’t they have him go last?), and the always electric Lainey Wilson.

One musical act felt like it didn’t belong with the rest of them though, and that was Luke Bryan’s lengthy medley of his own songs that dragged on for over 6 minutes.

You can view it and see for yourself below, but a lot of CMA viewers were wondering “who asked for this?”

Take a look:

That performance, along with some of the other commentary he’s provided where he’s pointed out how many Entertainer of the Year awards he’s won, have rubbed some people the wrong way.

Others have also added in that Bryan has maybe aged out of his “country girls, shake it for me” era.

It’s never really a good thing to scan through social media, and that’s especially true if your name is Luke Bryan tonight:

Hey look! Even we got in there with a jab…

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