Jim Irsay Getting Down To Meek Mill In The Colts Locker Room Is An Immaculate Vibe

Jim Irsay

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is one of the most colorful, visible personalities in all of sports. Say what you will about him, the man is loud, bold and not at all shy about putting himself out there.

Case in point: The Colts rolled 27-13 over the Panthers on Sunday. Late in the evening, Irsay shared a glimpse into the winning locker room, where he’s squarely in the mix and bopping to the likes of Meek Mill:

Mr. Irsay, I love the energy, yet I have to disagree with the premise you’re projecting. Yes, I think the 2023 Colts are finished. They are cooked. If not for two pick-sixes from pint-sized Panthers quarterback Bryce Young, y’all might’ve lost to a one-win Carolina team.

In such a loaded AFC, Indy has little chance of ascending into the playoff picture without the upside rookie QB Anthony Richardson brings to the gridiron. Unfortunately, Richardson is out for the season with a shoulder injury. Gardner Minshew? We all love him. He ain’t carrying the Colts to the upper echelon of the conference.

…But that will not stop me from enjoying Irsay rocking out to a banger track. In a weird way, the very first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the 64-year-old Irsay getting down like that was the legendary, GOATed, Paul Rudd-Michael Douglas Ant-Man promo:

I was waiting for a new track to go on, and for Irsay to start fervently snapping and slapping his knees. Or heck, even if he could’ve done it to the tempo of the Meek Mill song, I’d have levitated to a higher realm of consciousness. Irsay was totally in the proper posture to do the “ANTS!” dance.

You know what, though? As big-picture down on the Colts as I am for the season as a viable postseason contender, more good times may be ahead. They’re headed to Germany in Week 10 to take on the Patriots. The boisterous fun that Irsay, Minshew and creative play-calling head coach Shane Steichen bring to the team are the complete antithesis of the fun-hating, offensively unimaginative, defensive-minded Pats with Bill Belichick at the helm and Mac Jones under center.

All of America outside of New England bettors and those with ties to the greater Boston/Northeast area will be rooting for Indianapolis next Sunday.

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