On This Date: Waylon Jennings Was Topping Charts With “Theme from The Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol’ Boys)”

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Taking it back to 1980. Dukes Of Hazzard is easily one of TV’s most iconic shows. With a plot that appealed to country-living folk and country music-loving folk, the show was beloved for the seven seasons it aired and beyond.

Since the show appealed to country music lovers so greatly, it only made sense to have the iconic Waylon Jennings sing the introduction song for the show. The track was written and recorded by Jennings shortly after the pilot episode of the show aired.

While Jennings made two slightly different versions of the track, one for the TV and one for the radio, the television version gave him major success. The single became Jennings’ twelfth number one hit, staying on the charts for seventeen weeks total.

“Theme from The Dukes of Hazzard (Good Ol’ Boys)” can be found on nearly every hits record from Jennings and is a true staple out of his library. There is a reason they got one of the most iconic outlaw artists to sing on a show about some outlaws.

The First Episode Of ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Aired In 1979

On January 26th, 1979, the first episode of one of TV’s most iconic series debuted.

Dukes Of Hazzard aired 147 episodes over seven seasons from 1979 to 1985 and is a staple of both country life and country music lore. Many songs have referenced the show itself, its characters, or the General Lee, while Waylon Jennings himself sang the famous theme song “Good Ol’ Boys,” narrated the introductions, and provided (often funny) cut scene and cliff hanger commentary.

Waylon also made one appearance after years of requests from the fans. Season 7’s “Welcome, Waylon Jennings” features him as a family friend of the Duke Boys. While there’s many awesome things that have come from this fantastic show, there’s one glaring downfall…

Daisy Dukes.

Not the cut-off jeans themselves, but the term.

Named in honor of Bo and Luke’s quite attractive cousin Daisy’s (played by Catherine Bach) preferred outfit and amplified by Jessica Simpson’s performance in the 2005 Dukes Of Hazzard movie, it has been put into probably a million shitty bro-country songs and lead to the years of radio hell we’ve suffered through.

In my opinion, the most attractive thing about Daisy was her badass Jeep CJ-7, but hey, maybe I’m just old-school.

Either way, there’s no denying how impactful this show was for millions of people in the past and continuing through today. There’s still nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning and watching a few episodes while drinking you’re coffee, I promise you that.

The show has also inspired many a lunatic to jump their car off a bridge, but that’s another story…

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