Flatland Cavalry Release Stripped Back Acoustic Take On New Track “Spinnin'”

Flatland Cavalry
Flatland Cavalry

Anyone as addicted to Flatland Cavalry’s new album as I am? Specifically inquiring about the track “Spinnin’…”

Because I know it probably has made its way onto my Spotify Wrapped in the short time it’s been out, and I think it might climb even higher on that most-played for the year now that this video is here.

Last night, Cleto blessed all of us Humble Folk with a killer acoustic rendition of “Spinnin’.”

“We just released an Acoustic Version of our New song “Spinnin’” on YouTube! Go watch it now!”

Shot in a dark room that gives you the feeling you are in a dive bar watching a live band play is the perfect setup to capture this song about spinnin’ around a dance hall. Joined by guitarist Reid Dillon, the two make magic in the dimly lit room.

The slide guitar parts of the track on an acoustic guitar have a tinge that rings throughout the track, highlighting the dance hall feel. The simple yet effective lyrics tell the story of a lonesome man who often visits the same bar and feels defeated. He is finally spotted on the dance floor and being brought to life spinnin’ a little lady around the dance floor.

“Who’d of known a burned-out bar would be hidin’ place for a wandering star?
Darlin’ you look lost and I feel found
Guess the universe is on your side when luck and loneliness collide
So, hand in hand merry, we go ’round.”

“Spinnin'” was an early favorite of mine off Wandering Starand this acoustic version shining light on the lyrics of the track makes it a constant favorite.

Check it out:

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