Everything’s Bigger In Texas, Including The Rangers’ First-Ever World Series Celebration

Texas Rangers
Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Texas Rangers won their first World Series ever on Wednesday evening, capping their Game 5 win with a shutout and a called strike three seen all around the globe.

If I ever won a championship, I’d prefer to do it in front of the home fans, but you’ll take it however you can get it. Plus, folks in the Lone Star State absolutely popped off to ring in their inaugural Fall Classic triumph — even at the Dallas Mavericks game.

While the players deserve a ton of credit for the Cinderella run of sorts that they just went on, it’s awesome to see GM Chris Young get dapped up by star pitcher Max Scherzer in the clubhouse afterwards.

Young assembled a roster full of players with an evidently special kind of resilience to go from 102 losses in 2021, to 94 losses in 2022, to world champs in 2023.

Tell you what, though. The absolute king flex of all king flexes came from manager Bruce Bochy. He gave a straightforward, brief speech to everyone before the room was seemingly flooded with champagne. Being the four-time World Series-winning manager that he is, Bochy immediately knew to cover his eyes so as not to get that booze-induced sting up in there.


Check out one of the Rangers’ on-air talent getting a snapshot with all the goggled-up fellas!

So you see that scene, right? Now look at the aftermath. I know a lot of alcohol was wasted popping off and celebrating, but a good amount of this was consumed. My mind is blown.

That video was the catalyst for this blog almost entirely on its own.

I assume the folks who run that Sphere thing in Las Vegas saw this and, if they weren’t thinking of putting the Rangers’ logo up for all of Sin City to behold, that caliber of partying put that decision over the top.

So yeah, everything’s bigger in Texas — and how about a nice little cap-off here for an older gentleman with a massive heart. Poor man has stuck with the Rangers for all their years of nonsense and refusal to acquire any sort of consistent starting pitching, etc…only to finally have his undying loyalty rewarded.

Sometimes it isn’t “just a game”, ya know? Congrats to the Texas Rangers. One of the more memorable World Series runs in recent history, but certainly one of the more improbable championships in major North American sports.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock