Florida Black Bear Politely Takes One Piece Of Halloween Candy From Front Porch Bucket

Black bear takes halloween candy

Not a great look when wild animals display better manners on Halloween than most people.

A video has been making the rounds on social media of some adult trick-or-treaters (accompanied by a few kids) completely emptying a front porch candy bucket on Halloween. The person that originally shared it is actually Whiskey Myers guitarist Cody Tate.

I guess people will have to watch the video of this black bear in Florida to learn how to morally and ethically go about the “please take one” Halloween candy bucket.

Doorbell camera footage shows the bear first sniffing around the front porch, then finally figuring out that the food it was smelling was located in the bucket sitting up on the table.

The black bear stands up on its hind legs and leans against the wobbly table as it rummages through the candy inside the container. One might think that the bear would sit there all night long and finish off the entire bowl, but surprisingly, the bruin shows tremendous manners (and self control) and only takes one piece of candy.

The caption of the video states:

“A Navarre homeowner had an unexpected trick-or-treater last night! Check out this bear getting itself a piece of candy for Halloween.

The bear was nice enough to take just one… even though it could’ve gotten away with the whole bucket!”

Now THAT is how you follow the “just take one” rule. If a wild black bear can do it, there’s no excuse for any other trick-or-treaters out there.

Those in the reply section of the video certainly agreed, sending out messages of support for the black bear (and the mama bear that raised it to have such good manners):

Yeah, definitely giving “Witty News Daily” a follow after that one. Love a good pun…

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