College Football’s Midweek MACtion Is BACK… And In A Blizzard


College football fans and degenerate gamblers are getting a two-for-one tonight: MACtion is back, and there are two beautiful, overwhelming snow games.

If you aren’t familiar with MACtion, its a play on the combination of the Mid-American Conference and the word action. Why is it a big deal? Because it provides weeknight football when we need it most.

On this Halloween night, there are actually two separate games taking place, and both of them are taking place in the snow. Northern Illinois is taking on Central Michigan in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and the Buffalo Bulls are battling with the Toledo Rockets in Toledo, Ohio.

Check out the scene of brave tailgaters just before the Northern Illinois and Central Michigan game kicked off:

Now THOSE are some dedicated, MACtion football fans right there…

Most of those who check into Mid-American Conference football games are those who attend MAC schools, alumni of MAC schools, and those who lost a lot of money the weekend before and are trying to chase their losses.

However, with both of these games being in the snow, I’m sure more people will tune in. Everyone loves a good snow game, even though the football being played is usually made a lot worse because of the conditions.

But who cares, just look at the beautiful visuals they provide:

I’m so ready to watch the quarterbacks hand the ball off a hundred times to their running backs for minimal gains.

And I say that, but it looks like things have already gotten off to a hot start in Toledo. The snow seems to have cleared up (for now), and that apparently provided the perfect conditions for an opening kickoff to be ran all the way back for a touchdown.

Check it out:

“Holy Toledo” is right.

Great to have MACtion back, and excited to watch even more snow games at the college and pro levels. There might not be a lot of throwing, or touchdowns, or any exciting, explosive plays in snow games (besides the one above apparently), but the snow always makes up for it.

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