Today Is The Rare & Glorious Sports Equinox, Where The NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL All Play On The Same Day

Texas Rangers World Series
Bailey Orr/Texas Rangers/Getty Images

Doesn’t it seem like just last week there were no sports on besides baseball?

Sports fans have to patiently wait all summer for football and basketball to come back, and then once they do, life starts moving way too fast. We’re already through eight weeks of the NFL season, and the NBA finally got started last week.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having sports on seemingly around-the-clock and every day of the week. It’s great if you are a sports fan, but it’s bad if you are trying to maintain relationships and friendships, and if you are bad at sports gambling.

All of that aside, Fall is a wonderful time of the year. Leaves are changing, Thanksgiving is right around the corner (and then Christmas, and then New Years), and everywhere you look, something is pumpkin spice themed.

Sports are always getting started up during this season too, and every now and then, all of the different leagues align to create a day known as the “Sports Equinox.” If you’ve never heard of the special day (or celebrated it), it is a moment in sports where the NBA, MLB, NFL, and NHL (and MLS) all play games on the same day, with many of the contests overlapping at the same time.

For the NFL, you’ve got Monday Night Football (Lions vs. Raiders), for the MLB, you’ve got game three of the World Series (Rangers vs. Diamondbacks), and then you have eleven different NBA games and nine separate NHL matchups.

As the post above states, it is the only Sports Equinox day of 2023, and it marks only the 30th times that it has ever happened in the history of… all sports I guess.

The first of all the games starts at 7 p.m. EST, but once they get going, those diehard sports fans (like myself) will definitely have to get multiple TVs going. If you’re living room doesn’t look like a sports bar tonight, you are doing it all wrong my friend.

So make sure to enjoy your Sports Equinox today, and win every single bet that you place. If anyone asks, you are honoring a National Holiday and a historical moment tonight by sitting on your ass and watching all the sports you can handle.

I’d say this meme perfectly encapsulates how sports fans (and degenerate gamblers) are feeling today:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock