The Bucks Invited Flavor Flav To Sing The National Anthem, And You’d Almost Rather Hear Fergie, Carl Lewis Or Yoko Ono

Flava Flav
Milwaukee Bucks

Flavor Flav has had immense success in the music industry, so let’s not act like he’s a talentless hack or something. It’s just that, for all his success as a rapper, and as gifted as he is at playing a myriad of instruments, singing ain’t his strong suit.

Know your strengths and play to them, Mr. Flav. “The Star-Spangled Banner” is a difficult song for even a good singer to belt out, never mind in front of thousands of people at an NBA game. Don’t think for a second that stopped the Milwaukee Bucks from bringing the man on to do his thing, however:

Now listen, I could lie to you with a sarcastic headline, teasing how this is one of the greatest things to ever happen in hybrid sports/music history. But it just wouldn’t be true. This is dreadful. I mean… it’s beyond bad. The swagger, jewelry, and stage presence are all right around 9 or 10/10. Execution of the voxx? We’re going 1.5/10 at best, Flavor Flav. I’m sorry. The truth hurts. Bucks fans endured this before a 17-point home loss to the Hawks after this. Woof.

Here’s the thing: Flavor Flav will either get a 100% pass on this because he’s Flavor Flav. OR, people will realize there have been worse renditions of the U.S. national anthem at sporting events and let him off the hook.

To be honest, though, if you’re looking for other mind-blowingly awful national anthem performances, look no further than Carl Lewis at a Bulls-Nets game from January 27, 1993.

It will never be “topped” — nor will his meta live commentary about how terrible he’s doing.

More recently, we had Fergie at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game. It’s turned into a full-blown meme.

So why am I roping in Yoko Ono to this whole situation? Well, the X account Historic Vids just so happened to re-share footage of Ono early this morning (from 1972) spoiling a duet between her late, great husband John Lennon and R&B/rock/guitar legend Chuck Berry. Plug your ears accordingly.

It’d be remiss of me not to pass along this delightful mashup of a signature Ono “singing” journey with some awesome metal guitar from Andre Antunes. Almost makes Ono’s, ahem, unorthodox delivery a little easier on the ears.

If I was forced to choose anthem performers, I’d go with Fergie over Flavor Flav, but he’d at least get the nod over Ono and Lewis.

Thank you, Flavor Flav, for helping me spiral down into this niche corner of the Internet. I hope you, reader, “enjoyed” it as much as I did.

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