Fans Find Wholesome Way To Stay Entertained While Eric Church Was Running Late For A Festival Set

festival toilet paper

What else are you to do with a delay?

There are many things that can cause concert delays, such as the weather, technical difficulties, wardrobe malfunctions, or simply that the artist is taking their sweet time to make it up on stage.

Earlier this month, during the Golden Sky Festival in Sacramento, California, Eric Church ran a little behind on his set time to perform.

While at stadium or arena shows, it’s easy to mosey around while you re-up on some cold ones, grab some food, or check out the merch for the show. A festival show has its own difficulties though, making delays a little less fun. If you do not have the luxury of being in the VIP section, many fans won’t move a muscle in GA, especially those with good spots.

Fighting the masses to push your way back up the front often leads to pissed-off attendees and looking like the bad guy, so it’s best to hunker down and wait.

As most people are hardly in bad spirits while at a festival, the crowd got creative with how to pass the time for Chief to take the stage.

“POV: Eric Chruch is 45 minutes late to come out, and the crowd starts throwing toilet paper for entertainment.” 

The footage shows rolls on rolls being thrown through the crowd, caught again, and tossed to other sections.

“No clue where it came from, but it was flyin’.” 

It was also noted that Eric Church was the only one late for their set. Regardless, it didn’t seem like those in the crowd were bothered by it and were passing the time with some wholesome fun.

Those in the porta potty…that might be a different story.

@youmeanddcapri No clue where it came from but it was flyinnnnnnn #ericchurch ♬ original sound – Julia Zavala

At least the rest of his set looked killer. Check it out.

@nelsonrdawn Eric Church performing at Golden Sky Festival at Discovery Park in Sacramento, Ca would have been great if he wasn’t over 30 minutes late to take the stage. 10/15/23 #goldenskyfestival #countrymusic #sacramento #california #discoverypark #northerncalifornia #ericchurch ♬ original sound – Dawn

@jordanm831 Golden Sky Festival!!! Definitely will be back again🤠 #fyp #foryou #countrymusic #sacramento #nashville #yeehaw #EricChurch #ParkerMccollum #JonPardi #NateSmith #JordanDavis ♬ original sound – jordan.morrison23

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