The Awful Giants-Jets Game That Dragged Into Overtime Drew Some Of The Funniest Internet Reactions Of The Season

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The battle between New York teams should be entertaining. You know, worthy of Broadway? Not these Giants and Jets. For those of us in the greater NYC area, this matchup was the only game on TV for the 1 p.m. ET local window. And it was about the worst pro football you could ever behold.

This stat about sums up the essence of the Jets’ 13-10 victory.

And there’s plenty more where that came from!

The futility and deficiencies of both these offenses was on display all afternoon. But the way in which this game got pushed to overtime is so bizarre.

It’s so fitting that the team that had a 99.9% chance to win this game that late would be the side to ultimately lose. Then again, the Giants deserved this, because I’m sorry, you have no business having a chance to win in the NFL while passing for literal negative yards as a team.

…But look how close the Giants were to winning anyway!

Thanks in part to the Jets bullying the G-Men in the trenches, and the loss of starting QB Tyrod Taylor to injury, the Giants did, indeed, throw for negative net yards.

Just the insanity of some of the stats alone tell such an illuminating, entertaining story about an otherwise horrible experience to bear witness to.

And yeah…a lot of the great reactions have already been featured throughout this article, but here are some more.

From the Jets’ SNY postgame show, former player Bart Scott spurred on a lively group talk by saying, “This was ridiculous!”

Then you have the X meme extraordinaires who are built for making us all laugh in these moments of bad-football misery:

OK now since I’ve started writing this, the novelty of the reeactions are beginning to wear off. That only picked me up mentally for a brief while. Now I’m having horrible memories of what the Jets and Giants just presented us with as professional football. Seriously, anyone who watched this entire game will not be able to shake it off for quite a while.

Even the winning kick barely went through…like make it stop…


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