Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa Isn’t Thrilled About Team Being On HBO’s “Hard Knocks”

Tua Tagovailoa
Brandon Sloter/Image Of Sport/Getty Images

Many NFL fans are looking forward to getting an inside look at the Miami Dolphins in HBO’s in-season Hard Knocks, but not everyone on the Dolphins team is as excited about the added attention.

Everything about the Dolphins team this year is intriguing, whether it be their fast and explosive offense, or their charismatic head coach Mike McDaniel.

Some have nicknamed the squad the “Greatest Show on Surf,” considering that they’ve put together one of the fastest NFL teams the league has ever seen.

Though they’ve come down to Earth a little bit in the last couple of weeks, the Miami team is still must-watch TV. Through the first five games of the season, the Dolphins had the most yards of any other team in the history of the NFL.

That stat actually was brought up to Coach Mike McDaniel, who gave an absolutely brilliant response when he was asked how that made him feel:

“Mission accomplished. We had the whole time, the whole offseason, that was our goal. Output after five games.”

Their impressive scoring and interesting storylines through the first part of the season is probably what led HBO to pursue them for their in-season version of Hard Knocks.

And while there are some personalities on the team that won’t mind the cameras and extra attention on the team, the Dolphins’ leader doesn’t seem to be happy that they’ll be in the spotlight of the HBO show.

Tua Tagovailoa, who actually turned down the opportunity to be on season two of Netflix’s Quarterback, showed his concern and dismay with the announcement of Hard Knocks following his team in a recent press conference.

Tua was asked how he felt about Miami being chosen for the show, and his response said a lot, even though he didn’t say all of that much. The QB paused for a moment, trying to be careful with his words, and then finally stated:

“I have no control over that. So…that was probably not necessarily the best body language I’ve had in a team meeting as it was being introduced to us that we were going to be on ‘Hard Knocks.'”

Yikes…that’s not a good look.

Make sure to mark this down, because if the Dolphins’ season goes downhill from this point on, I think we all a pretty good insight as to why.

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